Suzy Q's Professional MC & DJ Services

Specializing In Maine Weddings

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services 

I would like to get married on the beach where there is no power available. Can you supply the wedding music?

Yes!  We have professional portable disc jockey equipment to make all your dreams become a reality anywhere.

Are you a full-time event/wedding disc jockey or is this just something you do on the side?

We are both full time DJ's and MC's.  We truly enjoy what we do, put everything into it, and the enthusiasm is contagious!

How will you be dressed at my wedding?

We will dress in formal attire, if requested, e.g., Bryant in a complete tuxedo, including a fresh boutonniere.  We can dress down from that for the more informal events such as parties, etc.  Other attire is also available at your request.  Theme weddings may require: 50's costumes, beach outfits or outfit for any theme. Extra charges may apply for specialty costume requests other than those we own.  We come dressed appropriately for every occasion. . 

Will you act as Master of Ceremonies at my wedding or other event?

Combining the right blend of personality and audience involvement is what we do.  This is done in an unobtrusive manner while keeping ourselves out of the spotlight.  At your wedding reception, Bryant and Suzy will act as Master of Ceremonies to help maintain the proper flow of your reception. We will handle all introductions, announcements, and coordinate with your photographer and videographer to be sure they are in the right position to get all your pictures and to keep them informed of any special events happening throughout the affair.  We also coordinate with the caterers and inform the guests when the food is available, and will help to release the tables, if need be,  to avoid a bottleneck at the food line. 

Do you MC/DJ at other types of events?

Bryant and Suzy have the experience to plan, coordinate, run, and MC most any event or special function, including silent auctions, car shows, corporate events of any type, and charitable events.

 What sort of DJ and sound equipment do you use?

All our equipment is state of the art and top of the line.  We are constantly upgrading to stay ahead of the industry standards.  We own the best in wireless microphone systems, digital equipment and programs, mixers, and speaker systems.  Brand names such as Shure, Mackie, JBL, and Peavey are seen in use.  Our equipment is always set up neatly and remains that way throughout the event.  There are no messy wires hanging out all over the place.  It not only sounds great, but we purposely keep it low profile.

What sort of music do you play?

Our music library consists of over 50,000 songs and covers all genres and all styles fitting all tastes and age groups: Top 40, R&B, Country, Jazz, Rock & Roll, Oldies, Polkas, Big Band, Ballroom, Alternative, Novelty Dances, Line Dances, and much, much more!  We are continuously adding to our collection as well.

Who selects the music and do you take requests?

All this is done in consultation with you weeks ahead of time.  At your event, we will take requests and will not play any songs from the "Do Not Play" list.   From our extensive experience, we will read the audience and get a feel for what the crowd will continue to dance to, while working from the basic setlist you provided us.  You can feel comfortable that the music has all been thought out in advance with your initial recommendations and is tailored and customized to your personality and tastes.

Can I bring my own CD's to play?

Certainly, and please do.  If you have songs you feel we may not have and you think the crowd will respond favorably to them, we will welcome playing your CD's.

Do you use pirated music?

Absolutely not!  Besides being unethical, it is illegal.  We buy all the music we play.  You are guaranteed to hear the clear, crisp sound of CD quality music you expect, without the glitches and skips that often occurs with illegally downloaded music.  If we don't have any music you request, we will buy it.

Do you have backup equipment in case of an emergency?

Yes, we have extra amplifiers, speakers, extra cables, and a backup computer on site.  Although our DJ equipment has never failed us, we believe true professionals always need to be prepared.

I've seen some DJ's take breaks, do you?

Some DJ's and most all bands do require breaks.  However, we do not. We don't smoke, sit, leave the room, or take breaks.  We remain professional and available to you at all times.

How far will you travel?

We travel within reason to most New England destinations.  We also ferry our equipment to island events.  Extra charges may apply if the event is a certain distance away or involves overnight stay.

How much do you charge?

There are several factors that determine our price.  The type of event, the amount of time, distance travelled, special requested equipment such as a light show, karaoke, etc., will all affect the price.  For example, Saturdays during the busy wedding months of May through October are highly sought after dates.  Discounted prices are available on Fridays and Sundays, and during the winter months.  Please call us any time or email us for a free no obligation quote.

Does the contracted time include set-up and travel?

Equipment set-up and teardown, travel, unlimited consultations in person or by email or phone, and the actual performance time are all included in the contracted price.


Can we purchase additional time at the end of the event?

Certainly.  In the contract, there will be a statement stating the costs of hourly time in excess of the contracted time.  However, the best way to insure that we cover the time you need is to make an initial calculation of the time involved.  For example, a typical wedding reception needs at least five hours for the usual events such as a social hour, dinner, formalities and dancing.  If you have a large group of over 150, or we play music for your wedding ceremony, you may want to initally plan for six or more hours.

Why do some DJ's charge less?

Some will charge less because they don't provide the skilled type of service that we do.  We have that experience and talent taken from the many years we have been doing this.  Many of the lesser expensive DJ's are beginners and do this part-time.  They may actually be practicing their skills at your event.  Having Bryant or Suzy at your event, you are getting a mature, personable, and true professional DJ/MC with our huge selection of music, karaoke, and high-end sound system.


Do you offer karaoke?

We can add a huge karaoke system onto our professional sound system.  We supply a karaoke CDG library of over 16,000 songs, several wireless microphones, songbooks, and a TV monitor for the singers.  We actually host over 200 karaoke shows every year.  You may contact us to find out where and when we are hosting a public karaoke event.


What time do you arrive prior to a wedding?

We always arrive two hours prior to any event to set up our equipment.  You can be rest assured that Bryant and Suzy will be all set up and waiting an hour before  the event begins, dressed in the appropriate attire, awaiting the arrival of your guests.


If I want both Bryant and Suzy at my event, is that possible?

Yes, as long as both are available for the date you are inquiring about.  There will be no additional cost.  You may also request either one of us, if that is a choice of yours.  As far as we know, Bryant and Suzy are the only husband and wife MC/DJ/Karaoke team in New England.


Can you also provide music for the wedding ceremony?

Yes, we provide the prelude, processionals, and recessionals, and music during the ceremony if requested.  The song choices for the above will be decided during our free consultations with you.  If needed, a wireless microphone and a separate sound system can be placed so all those in attendance can hear what's going on.


Can you supply a light show for the dance floor?

Yes, we can.  Our dance lights will liven up any night time function and provide a nice mood and atmosphere.  We offer a larger show for school and party dances, and recommend a smaller, less obtrusive set up for functions such as weddings.